“I love my daughter very much”: the first comment by Britney Spears’ father after the singer’s accusations

The retaliatory statement came just after the singer’s 68-year-old father returned to his hometown on the outskirts of Kentwood. The New York Times reports that the man sold the house Britney grew up in and is living in a mobile home parked next to a warehouse where his daughter’s memorabilia is stored. Jamie’s representatives said, “He’s sorry his daughter is suffering, he’s hurt by it. Mr. Spears loves his daughter very much.”

The day before, Britney Spears testified in court that she can no longer live under the “abusive” custody of her father, who controls her life. “I’m miserable, I can’t sleep, I’m so angry, it’s crazy! I just want my life back,” Britney stated.

The singer has already been supported by many celebrities, including her former lover Justin Timberlake, singers Mariah Carey, Halsey and numerous fans who have launched the #FreeBritney movement on social media.