“I wasn’t allowed to give birth and get married”: Britney Spears spoke for the first time in court in her defense

For more than seven years, Britney Spears has been trying to give up custody of her father. The man gained full control of her life after the star had a serious nervous breakdown in 2007. At first Britney was fine with everything, but every year her dad’s control got tighter and tighter.

On June 23, Spears made her first appearance in custody court. During the hearing, the artist made a series of scandalous statements.

“I lied to the whole world by saying I’m happy and everything is fine. It’s not like that at all, I’m not happy. I didn’t go back to court for so long because I thought people wouldn’t believe me. My father made me perform even on the days when I was seriously ill. He totally controlled my life,” Britney told the court.

Jamie Spears was given total control over his daughter’s finances. That’s why Britney didn’t see the money she was earning. The star received a weekly per diem of about two thousand dollars. But she continued to work, knowing that her father had millions thanks to her efforts.

But Jamie handled more than just work issues. The man also controlled his daughter’s daily life. Once he wouldn’t even let Britney repaint the closet in the house! If the star suddenly began to resist, she was sent for forced treatment in a mental hospital. Also, Spears was constantly drugged with pills, which made her not quite aware of reality.

There were always security guards around Britney, who wouldn’t leave her even when she was changing clothes before the concerts. When, however, boyfriend Sam Asgari came into the singer’s life, Jamie Spears did everything possible to separate her daughter from her chosen one.

“I had an IUD inserted to keep me from getting pregnant. Now I want to get married and have a baby. I wanted to take the IUD out and have a baby, but my guardian wouldn’t let me. They don’t want me to have the baby,” Spears complained.

The only thing Britney is asking the court to do is to permanently terminate her father’s custody rights. Spears understands that she needs medical attention, but she wants therapy once a week, not every two days.

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