IBM fired several thousand employees

IBM laid off some of its employees due to a decline in revenue amid a coronavirus pandemic, Bloomberg writes, citing the company’s announcement.

“Although the corporation always takes into account the current situation in the country and in the world in its decision making process, IBM went for the reduction of employees, based on the long-term prospects of our business,” explained the company’s representative Ed Barbini. – Recognizing that this decision may have severe consequences for some employees, IBM offers subsidized health insurance to all laid off employees until June 2021″.

The statement does not specify the number of laid-off employees, but according to the agency, we are talking about thousands of people. The publication writes that layoffs will affect mainly employees of enterprises in North America, including those in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, California, Missouri and New York.

Earlier, two other major U.S. technology companies – Uber and Airbnb – announced about a quarter of their employees being laid off.