Idaho banned abortions after fetal heartbeat

Idaho Governor Brad Little has signed a law banning abortions after a fetus has had a heartbeat. It was announced by the governor’s office on April 27.

It is noted that we are talking about the fifth to sixth week of pregnancy. Exceptions include medical conditions or pregnancy resulting from rape or incest.

Licensed medical practitioners face two to five years in prison for violating the law.

“The state of Idaho values the most innocent of all lives – the lives of babies. We must never lessen our efforts to protect the lives of newborns. Hundreds and hundreds of babies die each year in Idaho because of abortions, which is an absolute tragedy,” said Little.

The abortion issue is one of the most pressing in the United States. Conservative states regularly attempt to tighten conditions for the procedure.

In the summer of 2020, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a Louisiana law limiting the number of doctors allowed to perform abortions was illegitimate.

A year earlier, a federal court in Alabama had blocked a law that almost entirely banned abortion for all indications.