Idris Elba opposed censorship in old TV series because of racism

Actor Idris Elba made an unpopular and dangerous statement today: he is against the introduction of censorship to combat racism in the old series. Instead of restrictions, he proposed the introduction of a rating system that would warn the viewer of offensive views present in TV shows or movies. In doing so, the viewer will understand the historical context in which the material was created.

The actor was forced to express the fact that some episodes of the old TV series “Scrubs”, “Community” and others were removed from the streaming services.

– To censor racist themes in one or another show, to remove them from access … I think people should know that in the past such shows were produced with racist themes. To ridicule the truth, you have to know it,” said the actor who once played several episodes in the series “The Office,” which also meets many racist and sexist episodes. Idris Elba stressed that freedom of speech is important for progress.