IKEA for the first time shares its famous meatball recipe

IKEA decided to make a step towards these customers in the midst of the containment period related to the coronavirus pandemic. The Swedish company has published the recipe for its legendary meatballs.

For the first time, the recipe for the best-selling and most popular dish was released. The aim? To encourage people to stay at home and enjoy this delicious dish while ordering on its online site. IKEA has implemented a contactless delivery system during this period of isolation.

On March 17, the furniture specialist decided to stop receiving customers in Belgium. “We cannot provide you with an optimal service,” the chain said. More than a month after this decision, the chains have still not received permission to reopen in many countries, including our own.

“Helping to make everyone’s life more enjoyable”

So on April 20, IKEA decided to deliver the recipe for its meatballs via its social networks. The dish is quick to make. It was unveiled in the form of a six-step plan and a list of ingredients, just like assembling a piece of furniture.

“We know that some people might miss our meatballs, so we’ve launched an alternative at home that, by using easily accessible ingredients, will help those who are looking for them. Staying at home can be difficult, but we want to help make everyone’s life easier and more enjoyable. Bon appétit or, smaklig måltid, as they say in Sweden,” says Lorena Lourido, IKEA Food Manager.