Elon Musk collapsed Tesla stock for $15 billion

The share price of electric car manufacturer Tesla collapsed after the head of the company Elon Musk wrote on Twitter that he considers them too expensive.

The share price of Tesla fell sharply after its head, Ilon Mask, said on his Twitter page Friday, May 1, that he considered it too high. “The price of Tesla shares is too high in my opinion,” the entrepreneur wrote.

According to the online edition of MarketWatch, at the opening of trading on May 1, the shares of Tesla Inc. were traded at $755 per unit. However, the value of the company’s securities fell sharply after the Mask statement. At the close of trading the price of Tesla shares was 701 dollars per share.

Compared to the end of trading on April 30 by the end of trading on May 1, the market value of Tesla fell by $ 15 billion – to $ 129.3 billion, according to the publication.

Musk has dedicated himself to Earth and Mars

When asked by a Twitter user why he was doing this – “because he needs cash or in protest against the world burning to the ground,” Musk said he didn’t need cash. “I have devoted myself to Mars and Earth. Material property only drags you down,” he added.