“I’m sorry I faked it”: Britney Spears apologized to fans after court appearance

Last Wednesday, Britney Spears testified in person for the first time in a long time in a Los Angeles court regarding her custody case. The singer spoke openly against her father, Jamie Spears, under whose care she has been for nearly 13 years. According to the star, the relative abuses alcohol and controls her every move. The other day, the artist got in touch with fans and spoke frankly about her worries.

Britney admitted that she is deeply unhappy because of the situation. The singer explained why she hid the truth about her father’s abuse for many years. As the star noted, she didn’t want to appear weak: “I apologize for pretending that I was okay for the past few years. I did it because of my pride. I was embarrassed to share what happened to me. Everyone wants to be funny on Instagram, after all. Believe it or not, pretending even helped me. It’s all about the fact that Instagram helped me find a cool outlet to remind me of my existence.”

Even though the court’s decision is still unknown, Spears feels freer: “You have to understand that my life is far from perfect. Now I finally feel important and needed.” It’s worth noting that fans had speculated long before her confession that custody was happening against her will and even launched a #freebritney campaign. After Britney’s court appearance, celebrity colleagues also came out in her support. Ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake was among them. “No woman should be restricted from making decisions that affect her own body. No one should ever be held against her will,” the artist previously said.

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