Immediately after takeoff the plane of the vice president of the United States returned to base

The plane of U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris, who is embarking on her first official trip abroad, returned to Andrews (Md.) military base minutes after takeoff.

“It’s a technical problem. The vice president will change planes and continue his flight to Guatemala,” TASS quoted Simone Sanders, a senior adviser and spokeswoman for the politician, as saying.

According to White House pool reporters who traveled abroad with Harris, an unusual noise was heard coming from the landing gear during takeoff. The U.S. vice president is scheduled to visit Mexico and Guatemala in the next two days. This is Harris’ first visit abroad as vice president.

Earlier, the White House unveiled a plan for Joe Biden’s first foreign trip as head of state. It is known that he will visit Britain, Belgium, and Switzerland. The first meeting is expected to take place as early as June 10 in the United Kingdom.