In China 127 people were injured when the train went off the rails

One person died and 127 others were injured when a passenger train in Hunan Province, China, was disengaged. This was reported by the Zhenmin Zhibao newspaper on its Twitter feed on Monday, March 30.

According to a preliminary version, the accident was caused by a break in power lines caused by a landslide caused by heavy rainfall. As a result, the train caught fire from a generator car. Then the second and sixth cars of the train went off the tracks and turned over.

Rescuers are working at the scene. The fire in the generator car was put out. All 127 victims were taken to hospitals.

The local railway department organized transportation of the rest of the train passengers on the additional high-speed railway.

Earlier, on March 11th, two trains collided in Mexico City’s subway. As a result, one person died and 41 others were injured. The exact cause of the accident is unknown.