In France 365 people died within 24 hours of the coronavirus

Over the past 24 hours, 365 people have died in France from the coronavirus, and there are currently 1,696 deaths from this infection. This was announced on Thursday, March 26, by Director General of the country’s Health Department Jerome Salomon.

“As of that evening, the number of cases of infection with coronavirus in France has reached 29 155. The number of deaths in the last 24 hours is 365, one of them is a 16-year-old girl. Thus, the total number of deaths in the country has reached 1696.”

Salomon added that, according to the latest data, about 14 thousand people are hospitalized, and the condition of almost 4 thousand of them is serious. He also stressed that despite the measures taken, the situation with the spread of coronavirus in the country continues to deteriorate.

The strongest increase in the number of infected people is observed in the regions of the Great East, O de France, Burgundy – Franche-ComtĂ©, Ile de France and Corsica.

Earlier this day it was reported that during a telephone conversation Presidents Vladimir Putin and Emmanuelle Macron of Russia and France exchanged views on the situation with the spread of coronavirus. The leaders informed each other about the measures introduced in Russia and France to counteract the spread of infection and minimize negative socio-economic consequences.