“In honor of his birthday”: Jean-Claude Van Damme saved a chihuahua puppy from being killed

The authorities ordered to put a perfectly healthy three-month-old puppy to sleep due to improperly executed documents.

Jean-Claude Van Damme saved from death a three-month-old puppy Chihuahua, who threatened to be put to sleep due to bureaucratic errors. The actor managed to draw public attention to the problem and the puppy was allowed to live.

A tiny three-month-old paradise was brought from Bulgaria to Norway to its new owners. However, as it turned out, the dog had a fake passport. As a result, they were unable to register the dog.

They tried to bring the puppy back to Bulgaria, but there they refused to accept it, referring to the rules of transportation of animals adopted in the European Union.

All these problems resulted in the decision to put an absolutely healthy animal to sleep. According to the Norwegian legislation, Paradise was to die on October 20.

After learning about this situation, Jean-Claude Van Damme launched a campaign in support of the puppy. He posted a video online. In the video, he holds his own dog of the breed Chihuahua and tells the story of Paradise.

“They made a mistake, made the wrong paperwork. But this should not kill the little puppy,” says the actor and asks the authorities to change their decision in honor of his birthday.

Eventually, the Bulgarian authorities agreed to take the animal back. The puppy will undergo medical examinations, and then will be able to go to new owners, reports The Guardian.