In Israel, fish were taught to drive an aquarium on wheels

The scientific journal Behavioral Brain Research published an article about the unusual scientific work of Israeli scientists. Researchers said they were able to train fish to move around on land in an aquarium on wheels.

According to the scientists, the study was aimed at proving the view that fish effectively navigate in space regardless of the environment they are in.

The researchers constructed the aquarium from transparent plexiglass, put it on the chassis of a radio-controlled car and in addition equipped it with lidar, cameras and a computer that processed the movement of fish. The lidar in this case tracked the movement in the fish tank and transmitted the values to the wheels.

As a result, it was possible to reduce the movement time from hours to minutes. The fish were motivated to move by baits. At first the fish reacted to the task for half an hour, then the same fish found their way in a few minutes.

The study by Israeli scientists proves that fish are able to use navigation strategies effectively, both in water and on land.