In Jordan, the lakes near the Dead Sea suddenly turned red

Residents of the southern Jordan Valley in the province of Karak near the Dead Sea were surprised by the appearance of lakes of red water of unknown origin.

According to residents, the lakes have turned completely red. The source of their water supply comes from the peaks of the mountains in Al Haditha, after which the water flowing down from the uplands collects in craters of collapse that appeared after the waters of the Dead Sea receded over time.

Omar Salama of the Jordanian Ministry of Water Resources said that the red lakes are isolated from and do not flow into the Dead Sea, and that specialized teams from the Ministry of Water Resources have taken samples for study. The samples have been sent to laboratories to analyze and verify the source of the pollution.

For his part, the director of agriculture in the southern Jordan Valley, Yassin al-Qasasbeh, said that the directorate is examining the place and determining the reasons why the water turned red, and it is likely that it is due to the presence of bacteria and red algae, whose color changes depending on the sunlight.