In Lithuania, important documents from the country’s Foreign Ministry were reported stolen

Adviser to Lithuanian President Asta Skaisgiritė says she has information about the theft of “important documents” from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country. The Lithuanian television and radio broadcasting portal LRT reports about it.

“The riots at the Seimas building and in Rudninkai and the information that appeared on the same day that important documents had been stolen from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. There are too many coincidences to consider them coincidental,” said the politician.

At the same time, the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry the day before announced about the attempt of cyber-attack. However, the agency refused to comment on the words of the presidential adviser.

Earlier, on August 10, covid dissidents protested in Vilnius. During the protests, protesters did not allow Lithuanian MPs to leave the government building of the Seimas, and law enforcement officers used tear gas to disperse the protesters.

On the same day, riots took place at a temporary camp for migrants in the village of Rudninkai, Šalčininkai district, where illegals began to destroy the fence. As a result, 20 people escaped, but they were later found and detained.