In London there was a mass dance in the masks of the Prime Minister of the country

On Downing Street in London hundreds of citizens carried out a dancing flash mob in the image of the current Prime Minister of Britain Boris Johnson. Footage of people dancing and shouting “my name is Boris” quickly spread on the Web.

Thus, local residents expressed their discontent because during the lockdown, the politician allowed officials to hold parties at which he himself sometimes partied.

The fact that Johnson had broken coronavirus rules during the first wave of the pandemic came to light on January 7. At the time, the former prime minister’s chief advisor Dominic Cummings wrote about the secret party on his blog. After that, the opposition Labor Party said that if the Prime Minister’s presence at the party was confirmed, he could not avoid “serious questions.”

On January 11, the media released confirmations that during the first wave of the coronavirus, Johnson organized a secret party in the garden of the prime minister’s residence. Johnson himself soon admitted that he had attended the party. He apologized for his act. The official explained that he had come to the event in order to “thank government employees.” According to the prime minister, half an hour later he left the party and returned to work.

On January 13 this year, it became known that the London police will not investigate Johnson’s participation in the party during the lockdown in 2020. The department attributed this to the fact that “officers do not normally investigate coronavirus-related violations when they are not reported until a long time later.” Investigations will be conducted only if there is “substantial evidence.” According to the agency, the cabinet is “conducting its own investigation” about the secret party involving the prime minister.