In Mexico, local protesters beat up a Russian woman

Attorney’s Office of the Mexican state of Chiapas confirmed information about the beating of the Russian woman by local protesters, noting that they opened an investigation into the incident. The agency announced this on Tuesday, January 4, on its Facebook page.

“The state attorney general’s office, through the Altos County district attorney’s office, has initiated a prosecution protocol for causing harm and bodily injury against those responsible for the attack on the woman with Russian citizenship. The events took place in the municipality of Oschuk,” the report said.

The Russian woman was traveling in a private car from Quintana Roo to Chiapas on January 3. On the way, the car was stopped by a group of protesters. Unknown persons, who may reside in the municipality of Oschuk, beat the tourist.

The protesters demanded the girl to pay the fare, said the agency. The Russian woman responded to the Mexicans’ demands by refusing, after which they attacked her and beat her.

The circumstances of the incident are being established.