In Norway, bloggers are required to tag photos with retouching. This is how the authorities are fighting unrealistic beauty standards

The Norwegian authorities have adopted amendments to the draft law on marketing – now bloggers in the country will be obliged to label retouched photos in advertising publications. This will help fight unrealistic beauty standards.

The effective date of the law is not yet set, but 72 members of the Norwegian parliament voted for the amendments. The law says that the label should be applied to photos that show a change in a person’s figure or skin.

For example, it concerns pictures in which bloggers deliberately make the waistline smaller, change the shape of the nose or increase the lips. Tags will be required on publications that bring the authors money and posted on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social networks.

Bloggers will face penalties for not tagging.

The Norwegian Ministry for Children and Family Affairs believes that the new beauty standards, which are broadcast in social networks, negatively affect the self-esteem of young people. Experts even cited several studies.

Many Influencers supported the amendments.

“Influencers are something that’s supposed to be fun. They’re designed to make us laugh or add a butterfly to our face. But they’re not meant to create false ideals of beauty.”

Annijor Jorgensen, blogger