In Sweden, prisoners released prison staff who had been taken hostage

Two inmates at Hellby Prison, located near the Swedish town of Eskilstuna, released two previously taken hostage employees of the correctional facility. This was reported on Wednesday, July 21, newspaper Aftonbladet.

It is noted that the released hostages feel well. The suspects have been detained by the police.

Earlier on Wednesday, the two prisoners managed to break into the guard room in one of the prison blocks, where staff – a man and a woman – were at the time and barricaded themselves in.

According to Aftonbladet, Isak Dewit, 30, and Haned Mahamed Abdullahi, 24, demanded a helicopter to escape and 20 pizzas. After nine hours of negotiations and food delivery, the hostages were released.

It is clarified that both attackers were previously convicted of murder and are serving an 18-year sentence. They have now been arrested on suspicion of kidnapping two individuals and are being taken to the Eskilstuna police station for further investigation.

The Hallby prison has a total of 98 inmate housing units. The facility has been given the highest security classification.

On July 14, it was reported that an unknown man had taken his own daughter hostage in Norman, Oklahoma, USA. After a lengthy chase, police managed to get hold of the suspect’s knife and made sure he no longer threatened himself or the girl.