In the bowels of the Earth there are mysterious creatures, on which the future depends

In the bowels of the Earth there are many incredible living organisms, on the study of which depends the future of mankind. It is believed that these creatures can survive a global cataclysm, which could be the end of our civilization.

The king of nature can be considered not some lion, but the silent walker – a microscopic creature, the body size of which is less than 1.5 mm. This creature is practically unkillable – the silent walker easily endures extreme heat, it is not afraid of radiation, and it can live even in space.

Scientists from all over the world have been studying the incredible physiological features of silent walkers for decades, hoping to use them to create new medical technologies and life-support systems. The silent walkers themselves have expanded scientific understanding of the conditions for life – such organisms can live in the oceans of giant planets’ satellites, where, as previously thought, the conditions for life are too extreme.

If scientists manage to uncover all the secrets of pacoderms and similar almost immortal organisms, we can get technologies that will greatly expand human capabilities. It should be kept in mind that silent walkers are not the only creatures on Earth that surprise scientists. There are also mantis crayfish, naked mole crustaceans and immortal jellyfish.