In the U.S., a Horror Room actor stabbed an 11-year-old child

In the U.S. state of Ohio, a horror room actor attacked an 11-year-old child and stabbed him in the leg. This was reported by on September 24.

The incident occurred when the boy was visiting the attraction “7 floors of hell” with his mother.

“He approached my son and he was holding a knife and his intentions were to scare him, but my son responded by telling him: “It’s fake. I’m not scared,'” the woman reported.

The 22-year-old actor appeared to have stabbed what appeared to be a real knife into the boy’s big toe, after which the victim required medical attention. Reportedly, despite what happened, the mother and son completed the ride. Police officers who arrived on the scene after a call from the boy’s mother detained the actor. After the incident, he was fired from the children’s entertainment establishment.