In the U.S., two drunk girls broke into a cafe at night and stole a pack of raw dumplings

In New York, two intoxicated girls snuck into a closed restaurant at night and stole a pack of raw dumplings. It was reported by the owner of the institution Jason Wang.

He decided to share the incident on social media, also posting surveillance footage.

“So, two female intruders walked in and decided to cook dumplings in cold water. The craving for our food late at night is certainly commendable, but it’s still a violation, and it’s not good to wander into someone else’s kitchen and fumble with equipment and food,” he wrote July 12 on his Facebook page.

The man also described what the female intruders were discussing during the intrusion. One of them behaved more cautiously, urged her friend not to touch other people’s equipment, as well as expressed concern about whether they would be punished for their actions. The second girl responded by assuring them that there would be no problems, since she had worked in the food industry and knew what she was doing.

In the end, the friends decided to leave the establishment, taking with them a pack of raw pelmeni. The owner of the place specified that he hadn’t applied to the police yet and asked the violators to contact them and reimburse the expenses. He added that he would not mind seeing the girls again in his establishment when it is open. The man considered the night incident as just a funny story. Some commentators under the publication expressed surprise at Wang’s mild reaction to the incident.

Last April, a resident of the U.S. state of Connecticut trespassed at a restaurant closed because of the pandemic, drinking and stealing 70 bottles of liquor over the course of four days. According to security camera footage, the man entered the establishment through a window.