In the USA was detained the official of the Ministry of Finance who divulged BuzzFeed secrets about investigation of the Russian intervention in elections

In the USA it is detained the senior official of division of the Ministry of Finance on fight against financial crimes Natali Meyflauer Surs Edwards. She is accused of issue of the confidential information to journalists in particular connected with investigation about possible intervention of Russia in the American elections.

Edwards was detained on Tuesday, October 16, and next day the corruption department of prosecutor’s office of Manhattan brought her charges of conspiracy and several cases of not authorized disclosure of important information, TASS with reference to WSJ reports on October 18.

As reports to WSJ, the official cooperated with the journalist of the BuzzFeed News edition and in 2017-2018 issued it the confidential information connected with investigation concerning the former head of the campaign headquarters Donald Trump of Paul Manafort, his business partner Richard Gates and Russian Maria Butina detained on suspicion of illegal activity as the foreign agent in the USA.

Also Edwards opened according to the investigators, given about the Russian ambassador in Washington and the Russian company Prevezon Holdings involved in scandal with money laundering in the United States. The name of the journalist cooperating with Edwards does not reveal.

Threatens the former head of the campaign headquarters of Donald Trump Paul Manafort up to 10 years of prison. In court he pled guilty on two counts – to collusion and conspiracy with the purpose to interfere with justice. These crimes belong to that period when the political strategist Manafort for generous remuneration worked for the Ukrainian president Victor Yanukovych and the pro-Russian political party (Party of Regions). As a result of Manafort, conducting magnificent life, “laundered” more than 30 million dollars, the American investigators believe.

In August members of jury in court of Alexandria (State of Virginia) recognized the 69-year-old former head of the campaign headquarters Donald Trump of Paul Manafort as the guilty person on 8 of 18 counts, including five points connected with tax frauds, two – with violation of the banking legislation and one – with concealment of accounts in foreign banks. Manafort is accused of providing to tax authorities false data on income and in concealment of information on offshore accounts.

The business partner of Manafort and the former adviser of Donald Trump Richard Gates is connected to the case by the codefendant. In February he pled guilty to perjury to the American authorities and also to conspiracy against the United States.

The citizen of Russia Maria Butina was detained in Washington on charges of the unregistered activity in the territory of the USA as the agent acting in the interests of the Russian Federation, on June 16.

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