In Ukraine, a child got hypothermia in a kindergarten without heating

In the city of Kropivnitsky two-year-old girl got hypothermia in a kindergarten, which has no heating. This was reported by the portal “Public” with reference to the mother of the child.

“At 9.30 a.m. called the teacher. Said the child was shaking, her lips were blue, she hadn’t eaten anything. Her hands and feet were cold,” said the girl’s mother.

After examination, doctors diagnosed the two-year-old child with hypothermia. The girl’s mother noted that there is still no heating in the kindergarten, children are trying to dress warmly, parents also brought a heater.

“Teachers said that they would turn it on if the director allowed it, because it’s actually impossible because of the fire hazard. Today I talked to the director: she said that she does not allow it. Today it was minus three degrees outside. It’s not normal that there is no heating, it’s the 21st century, and it’s not October 15, it’s already the 26th,” – complained the girl’s mother.

The head of the municipal education department, Larisa Kostenko, acknowledged that the temperature in some rooms of the kindergarten did not exceed 15-16 degrees. She urged to treat the situation with understanding and said that the authorities were doing everything to turn on the heating.