In Ukraine, a female researcher stole vials with a dangerous virus for sale

The former head of the sector of the State Scientific-Control Institute of Biotechnologies and Microbial Strain is suspected of stealing vials with a strain of a dangerous disease virus. This was reported on June 10 on the website of the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine.

According to the investigation, a former employee of the institute, who was responsible for the maintenance of production and control virus strains stored in the National Center, embezzled dangerous virus strains.

“She took out of the premises of the institute vials with a virus strain of a particularly dangerous disease – Newcastle disease of poultry,” the press service of the department specified.

The suspect with the purpose of further sale kept these strains at home in the refrigerator. They were found during the search. At present, the issue of her preventive measure is being solved.

Newcastle disease of birds is a rapidly spreading viral disease. During the disease, birds are affected in the respiratory and central nervous system. The disease is also called avian pseudocommunicable disease or Asian avian plague.

Last September it was reported that hackers from China stole data from the Spanish centers involved in the development of a vaccine against coronavirus infection. The importance and nature of the stolen information was not specified.