Indian man hires security guards for one of the most expensive mangoes in the world

A Bihar resident in India has hired security guards and installed cameras to protect the mango variety “miyazaki”, which is one of the most expensive in the world.

“It is the most expensive mango tree in the world, called ‘Tayo no Tamago’ or ‘Egg of the Sun,’ and it grows in Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan. This mango tree is 25 years old. It was a gift from someone to the daughter of former state legislator Ajit Sarkar. It is the most expensive mango tree in the world,” owner Vikas Das said.

He said that the tree is guarded by local residents, in addition, installed video surveillance, writes The owner plans not to sell the mangoes on the market, but to arrange an auction. He specified that it has a special taste and smell.

Mangoes of the “miyazaki” variety get their name from the prefecture in Japan, where they are grown. The average weight of a mango is 350 grams and it is rich in antioxidants, folic acid and beta-carotene. It also has an average sugar content 15% higher than other mango varieties.

The price of this mango variety starts at 8 thousand rupees per kilogram ($107) and can go up to 270 thousand rupees ($3,600), writes NNS.