Indian scientists have created the strongest self-repairing material

Scientists from the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research in Calcutta and the Indian Institute of Technology in Hagarpur have created a new material that is ideal for protecting smartphone screens. It is transparent, durable and able to recover from damage. This is reported by the publication TelegraphIndia, citing a study in the American journal Science.

The researchers used a piezoelectric organic material that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy and vice versa to make needle-shaped crystals not larger than 2 × 0.2 mm.

Because of their molecular arrangement, a considerable force of attraction arises between the two surfaces. Because of this, during the experiments, when the material was exposed to an action that destroyed the connections, the force of attraction reattached them without external action.

Self-repairing materials are not uncommon: over the past decade, scientists have managed to create different variations, but almost all of them were characterized by low strength and were opaque.

The discovery of Indian researchers was a real breakthrough: according to Professor Chill Malla Reddy, who led the study, the new material is 10 times stronger than existing analogs. In addition, it does not need external influence to restore, while other solutions often require, for example, the use of heat.

Scientists note that this is an excellent material for the protection of smartphone displays, which could eliminate cracks and scratches after a fall, but its commercial availability is still out of the question.