Indiana Jones is named the greatest movie hero in history

Hero of adventure films, scientist Indiana Jones, performed by actor Harrison Ford led the rating of the most important characters in history. Empire magazine published the results of the readers’ survey in its printed version.

Fictional scientist and archaeologist Dr. Henry “Indiana” Jones Jr. invented in 1973, the founder of Lucasfilm Studio George Lucas. He subsequently produced a series of feature films about him with director Stephen Spielberg.

Second place went to Warrant Officer Ellen Ripley from the science fiction series “Alien”, her image on the screen embodied actress Sigourney Weaver. The third – Iron Man of the Universe Marvel, played by Robert Downey, Jr.

Next is another superhero – Captain America, and the five leaders closes one of the main characters of “Star Wars” Luke Skywalker.

The top ten greatest movie characters also include Batman from the DC universe, Princess Leia from “Star Wars”, British intelligence agent James Bond, as well as superheroes Superman and the Black Panther.

In February, it became known that the actor Harrison Ford will return to the role of Indiana Jones in the fifth part of the franchise.