Indonesia confirms that the engines of the crashed Boeing were in good working order

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Data from the black box of the crashed Boeing 737-524 Indonesian aircraft confirmed that both engines of the aircraft were serviceable at the time of the crash. This was reported by the Daily Mail on Sunday, January 17, referring to the National Committee for Transport Safety of Indonesia (KNKT).

It is noted that after the confirmation of the serviceability of the aircraft engines, the cause of the crash remains unknown.

January 15, experts extracted data from the recorder, recording the parameters of the flight. All 330 parameters were preserved in good condition. The black box was found and recovered on January 12, divers found it in the sea off the coast of the Indonesian capital Jakarta.

January 15, it became known about the discovery of the second black box of Boeing 737-524, but January 17, there was information that it had been lost. According to deputy head of the national search and rescue agency Bambang Surio Adzhi, at this point the rescuers could not catch the recorder’s signal.

According to the Detik portal, fragments of the device were found earlier, but there was no memory there.

On January 9, a Sriwijaya Air Boeing 737-524 flying Jakarta-Pontianak went off the radar four minutes after takeoff. After that, the local media reported that the airliner crashed, and eyewitnesses reported that the aircraft collapsed into the Java Sea, presumably by exploding.