International Counterterrorism Association approved the Belarus actions during the landing of the Ryanair flight

The leadership of Belarus acted following global standards of counter-terrorism operations during the landing of the “mined” Ryanair flight. President of the International Counterterrorist Association Joseph Linder told about it.

Recall, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, said that he acted lawfully, and the message about the “mines” came from Switzerland. Before that, the Belarusian leader recalled, a “wave of mines from the IP-addresses of Poland” had struck the country.

Joseph Linder admitted that Lukashenko acted following an international practice.

Any signal, even if it is a joke, nonsense, someone’s fake – must be taken seriously

“Any threat, any signal of aircraft bombing must be taken absolutely seriously. No airline or state can ignore such signals. The last 75 years after the end of World War II show that the struggle to avoid a Third World War leads to local bloodletting. That is local military conflicts, increased terrorist activity. Even if it is a joke, any signal, nonsense, someone’s fake, must be taken seriously until proven otherwise. And there were facts: in France, terrorists were planning to blow up a wide-body, huge plane over Paris – they had to storm it in Lyon. There have been such situations in the U.S. and Asian countries. The decision [Lukashenko] made in this situation was absolutely correct,” he said.