Internet company employee heard about social media outage 15 minutes before it happened

An employee of a global Internet company reported in an online forum that he had heard colleagues talking about how “the whole system is going to go down” before the global social media outage. reported this on the evening of Oct. 4.

“I work for a global Internet company and have heard ‘whispers’ that a global Internet outage will begin in 15 minutes. In about 15 minutes. For starters, all social networks will collapse,” said an unidentified person in a message that appeared on a forum 15 minutes before WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook had problems.

The major disruption followed shortly after this message, which the author ended with the words “It’s already starting.” On October 4, residents of Russia, Western and Eastern Europe experienced problems using Instagram, Facebook, as well as difficulties downloading WhatsApp. Against the backdrop of failures, shares of the American company Facebook fell by more than 5%, it follows from the data of the NASDAQ stock exchange.

Facebook commented on the massive disruption. The company said that experts are working on the elimination of technical failure and apologized to users.The U.S. White House said it was “monitoring” the situation.

Later, users of microblogging service Twitter began to report about the malfunctions. There are also reports of difficulties when using Amazon, Google and TikTok.