Investigators rejected the version of the Indonesian Boeing explosion in the air

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Investigators in Indonesia are not inclined to consider the explosion as the cause of the crash of Boeing 737-524 in the Java Sea. This was reported by on Tuesday, January 12, citing the representative of the National Committee for Transport Safety Bambang Iravan.

“We believe that after reaching an altitude of 250 feet (about 76 meters), the plane was still intact. It probably could have exploded when it hit the water at a very high speed,” he said.

According to Iravan, the remains of the plane were scattered about 200 meters away, which does not indicate a version with an explosion in the air.

The day before, it was also reported that the passenger Boeing 737-524 that crashed in Indonesia could have collapsed on impact with water. In addition, on Monday, it became known that the plane was passing through a thunderstorm front on takeoff and ended up in a zone of strong turbulence.

On January 9, Sriwijaya Air’s Boeing 737-524 on a Jakarta-Pontianak flight went off the radar four minutes after takeoff. After that, the local media reported the crash of the airliner, and eyewitnesses reported that the aircraft crashed into the Java Sea, presumably by exploding.

Information about the crash was confirmed by the Minister of Transport of Indonesia Budi Karia Sumadi. According to him, there were 65 people on board. According to Sriwijaya Air, there were 62 people on the plane.

On Sunday, it became known that black boxes were found at the crash site of the Boeing. Approximate dates for the study of the recorders have not yet been named.