iPhone 14 Pro may become the first Apple smartphone with a titanium body

A report from JP Morgan Chase says that the iPhone 14 Pro, slated for 2022, will receive a body made of titanium alloy. Other models in the series will have stainless steel or aluminum bodies.

  • Titanium cases will be exclusively supplied by Foxconn.
  • In typical titanium alloys, the main component is mixed with vanadium, chromium, nickel and aluminum. This compound turns out to be three to four times stronger than stainless steel, so much less metal is needed to achieve the necessary strength. Sources believe that the use of titanium can make the iPhone lighter.
  • Such an alloy has a matte surface, but earlier this year Apple received a patent for a technology to give the metal a semi-glossy surface. It describes a combination of blasting and etching with a chemical anodizing process to achieve the desired finish. This treatment hides metal defects and provides better protection.
  • The iPhone’s titanium case won’t come as a complete surprise, since Apple already uses this metal in the current Apple Watch Edition.

JP Morgan Chase also mentions that there will be many more improvements to the iPhone 14 Pro than the iPhone 13 Pro, which will be announced this year. Earlier rumors said that the 2022 flagships could get Face ID sensors embedded in the display holes, and could also be stripped of the Lightning port. The latter will become history, giving way to a new version of MagSafe technology that uses magnets.