iPhone lineup will feature a flip that will be cheaper than its Android counterparts

A compact new product that can be easily folded in half and stowed in a pocket.

Famous insider John Prosser, who has long earned a reputation as a reliable source, spoke about Apple’s plans for its first foldable iPhone. According to him, the manufacturer has already decided that the novelty will get a clamshell form factor, like the Galaxy Z Flip. However, in the near future we should not wait for such a novelty – Apple will not be able to release it until 2023.

It is assumed that in a few years, all the necessary components for the development will become much more accessible, which will make the device not very expensive, preserving its competitiveness. According to Prosser, the “iPhone-folding” should prove to be cheaper than its Android counterparts.

Another interesting feature of the folding iPhone could be a bright design. The novelty will be available in a variety of colors. This, according to sources, could indicate Apple’s desire to attract a younger audience and those who are interested in personalizing their mobile devices.

It was previously reported that Apple is already preparing prototypes of foldable screens for internal testing. Several display options are being worked on, including one that will fold out to the size of the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The test models are based on hinges hidden from sight, and all electronics are located behind the display, just like Samsung’s solutions.