Irina Shake starred in a blatant commercial with seven men

Russian supermodel Irina Shake became the heroine of the French luxury brand Jean Paul Gaultier perfume advertising campaign.

On a webcast in black and white, the 34-year-old model is shown wearing a black maxi length dress with a deep neckline through which dark underwear can be seen, and shoes with sharp nose heels. The model was filmed against the background of seven men dressed in classic business suits. The publication gathered more than 30 thousand likes.

The brand’s subscribers appreciated the celebrity’s appearance in comments under the photo. “Goddess”, “Magnificent Irina”, “The most beautiful woman in the world”, “Very hot”, “She looks incredible,” they said.

Earlier, Shake walked down the podium in Milan, was published in a pajama set by Kim Kardashian and starred in an advertisement with her son Elizabeth Hurley.