Irish are banned from visiting because of COVID-19

From the evening of October 15 in Ireland it will be prohibited to visit each other, except for visiting sick relatives or those who need help. This is reported by “European truth” with reference to BBC.

Irish authorities are sure that this way they will manage to break the chain of diseases and spread of coronavirus between households, because everybody neglects safety rules at parties. The country also uses adaptive quarantine and a five-level system of restrictions.

Quarantine of the penultimate level has already been introduced in three counties: Donegal, Kavan and Monaghan. Gyms, swimming pools and RCs are closed on this territory. Restrictions have affected trade in goods not essential and the number of people at weddings (you can invite only 4 people). Also people are advised to go to a remote location.

Prime Minister of Ireland Michael Martin said that the picture in these regions is “very worrying” and is much higher than the average disease rate in the country. There are 190.7 cases per 100 thousand people in Ireland, and in these regions – from 350 to 571.

The government believes that the consequences for local hospitals and public health in these regions can be very serious. Currently there are 45,243 confirmed cases of Covid-19 and 1,835 deaths in the country.

Ireland is not the only country to re-introduce severe bans. President Macron has introduced curfews in Paris and other major cities. As in Ireland, people will be able to move around, but will not be able to go to friends and parties at night. The country wants to reduce the morbidity rate from 20 thousand per day to 3-5 thousand per day.