Israeli drone attacked Hezbollah’s car on the Syrian border

An unmanned aircraft of the Israeli Air Force attacked a vehicle on the Syrian-Lebanese border, allegedly carrying the commanders of the Hezbollah Shiite organization. This was reported on Wednesday, April 15, by the Syrian Center for Human Rights Monitoring.

It is noted that the drone fired two jeep rockets at the Yabus junction, between Damascus and the Lebanese border. The vehicle has been destroyed. The identity of the people in it is being clarified.

The online publication El Nashra, citing the Syrian monitoring centre, notes that the car may have been detonated with an explosive device.

The Israeli military periodically conducts operations and strikes on Syrian territory, justifying the counteraction by the Iranian military and the response to the shelling by the official Syrian army.

Syrian air defense assets repulsed an Israeli missile strike on March 31 at the military airfield of Shairat near the city of Homs.