Israel’s Iron Dome nearly shot down its F-15 over the Gaza Strip

In Israel, during Operation Guardian of the Walls, an Iron Dome anti-aircraft missile system accidentally shot down an F-15i fighter jet of the Israeli Air Force that was flying over the Gaza Strip. This was reported by The Times of Israel on Wednesday, July 14.

The newspaper’s journalists noted that the incident occurred during the recent conflict between Israel and Gaza-based terrorist groups in May 2021. It is specified that the aircraft was in the kill zone and the operator of the surface-to-air missile system gave the command for the missile to self-destruct. It exploded moments before contact with the fighter, but its fragments hit the F-15i.

The pilots managed to land the plane at the base and no one was injured as a result of the accident.

According to another version, the Iron Dome mistakenly identified the fighter as a rocket that was fired at Israeli territory and the Israeli F-15i was deliberately fired at. The Israeli Air Force confirmed the incident.