It became known how Prince Philip reprimanded Princess Diana for secret visits to the kitchen

Prince Philip, who paid special attention to meals and barbecues in particular, once told off Princess Diana in his own manner for a surprise visit to the kitchen. Details of the unusual story were shared by the former chef of the royal family, Darren McGrady, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

According to McGrady’s story, Prince Philip was a barbecue master and often looked into the kitchen to discuss cooking with the chefs. He disapproved of other members of the royal family being there, but once caught Princess Diana in the kitchen.

“I remember Diana sitting in the kitchen, picking litchi and chatting about theater and The Phantom of the Opera. Suddenly the Duke came in and she turned and said: “Oh, you got me!” And he replied, “You’re not here to discuss tonight’s barbecue, are you?” She looked frightened and simply said: “I wouldn’t know where to start,” McGrady recounted.

Also during the conversation, the chef noted that Prince Philip preferred unusual dishes and found many of the classic combinations boring. He was fond of fried kidneys of lamb or kedgeree instead of eggs and bacon for breakfast, and of game instead of steaks, such as hares or partridges, which were common on the estate.