Italian official shoots migrant from Morocco during conflict

A conflict in a bar between an official of the Italian city of Vogera and a migrant from Morocco ended in the death of the Moroccan. As writes Il Messaggero, he died in hospital from a bullet wound.

According to preliminary investigations, it was an accidental shooting. The 39-year-old Moroccan was molesting some bar patrons. And Massimo Adriatici, safety advisor for the municipality of Voguer, who was also there, decided to call the police. The man overheard this phone conversation and started pushing the official, who had a gun in his hand. As the councilman fell to the ground, a shot rang out. The wounded man was taken to the hospital, where he died. Police arrived on the scene and detained Adriatici, who is currently under house arrest. Investigators are trying to figure out how to qualify what happened: as a legal defense, exceeding the necessary self-defense, manslaughter, or intentional homicide.

According to media reports, the victim was a migrant known to police for a number of episodes of drunkenness and violence. According to Adriatici himself, the man pushed him and the shot went off accidentally.

The Northern League party, of which he is a member, believes that had it not been for that shooting, it is possible that today they would have had to investigate the case of violence against the girl who was molested by the drunken Moroccan. “Before condemning a decent man let’s wait for the outcome of the investigation, the dead man was already known to justice, obviously it was not a settling of accounts, the defense is always legal,” said party leader Matteo Salvini.