Italian scientists discovered the ability of ultraviolet to destroy the coronavirus

Ultraviolet light quickly and effectively destroys coronavirus and can therefore be actively used in the fight against COVID-19, said immunologist, Professor Mario Clerici of Milan State University, who led the study of Italian scientists on this problem.

He said that during the study, the virus was placed in droplets of water at low, high and very high concentrations, and then subjected to different doses of sunlight in the short-wave range – UV-C (UV-C).

“The result was that exposure to UV radiation, even at low doses, within just a few seconds could lead to inactivation of the virus,” Clerici said.

The scientist reminded that UV-C is completely absorbed when sun rays pass through the Earth’s atmosphere. Therefore, the next experiment Milan immunologists put already with ultraviolet long-wave (UV-A) and mediumwave range (UV-B), that is, with the part of the sun’s radiation, which reaches the surface of the Earth.

“The result was the same: a minimum dose of sunlight in seconds destroyed coronavirus in droplets of water almost 100%,” – said the scientist.

According to him, this means that the sun’s rays penetrating the Earth’s atmosphere in summer can almost completely kill the virus contained in droplets of saliva, which occurs when coughing or talking to an infected person.

The professor added that this explains the current decline in the incidence of COVID-19 in Europe and most countries in the northern hemisphere. Whereas in the Southern Hemisphere, where it is winter and less active sunlight, there is a real peak of infection.

According to Clerici, experts from the Italian National Institute of Astrophysics conducted a corresponding analysis for the period from January 15 to the end of May this year and confirmed that the more sunlight reached the earth’s surface, the higher was the level of UV radiation, the less cases of infection with coronavirus.