Italy fixed the antirecord for the number of new cases of coronavirus

7332 new cases of coronavirus infection were recorded in Italy in the last 24 hours. This is the highest rate in the country since the beginning of the pandemic. This was Wednesday, October 14, TGCal 24 reported.

Also for the last 24 hours 43 lethal outcomes due to coronavirus were recorded in the state. In total more than 36 thousand people became victims of COVID-19.

The previous daily antirecord in Italy was recorded on March 21. Then medics for a day have revealed 6557 cases of coronavirus.

On the previous day it was reported that new quarantine measures came into force in Italy. The relevant document was signed by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and Health Minister Roberto Speranza. Opening hours of bars and restaurants were reduced. Now they must close at midnight.

Also all competitions of non-professional sportsmen of team and contact sports were suspended.

Earlier on October 14 it became known that authorities of Catalonia decided to close bars and restaurants in the region for 15 days to contain coronavirus infection. They will work only with skill.