J.Lo’s secret: Jennifer Lopez revealed who came up with her famous nickname

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The 51-year-old pop star was one of the first in the celebrity world to shorten her name to a few letters. In a new interview, she finally revealed who inspired her to do the deed. It turns out that the authorship belongs to the late rapper Heavy D., who helped J.Lo record her debut album On the 6. By the time it was released (1999), Jennifer Lopez was already famous as an actress.

“Heavy D. often stopped by the studio when I was recording my first album and called me Jenny-Lo, Jennifer-Lo or J-Lo,” the singer told InStyle magazine. – “When I was working on the second album, I decided to call it ‘J-Lo,’ and I think that’s when the nickname stuck.”

Judy Greer, who starred with Jen in “Wedding Crashers,” recalled that the star was called Jen-Lo on the set. Romcom with Matthew McConaughey in the lead male role hit the big screens in January 2001. That same year, Lopez admitted in an interview with the Chicago Tribune that she owes her nickname to her fans: “I go to MTV or wherever, and there are always kids standing there with ‘J-Lo’ posters. It’s kind of a street term, and it seems to catch on.