Japan announces full lifting of COVID-19 state of emergency as of October 1

The Government of Japan has decided to fully lift the state of emergency in the country due to the situation related to the spread of COVID-19. This was reported on Tuesday, September 28, by NAVER portal.

The ban will be lifted on October 1 for 30 days to further assess the disease situation.

It is noted that the government will allow alcoholic beverages to be provided in restaurants in previously banned areas. In addition, it will be allowed to increase the limit on the maximum number of people allowed to attend major events from no more than 5 thousand to 10 thousand people.

At present, an emergency regime is in effect in 19 prefectures out of 47.

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga said on August 17 that the country was in a crisis situation with the spread of COVID-19. The government extended the emergency rule in six prefectures including Tokyo until September 12 and introduced reinforced measures to control the virus in 10 other prefectures.

The state of emergency was later extended until the end of September. Harsh measures of the government since spring caused dissatisfaction among Japanese. A record 65% of the Japanese population opposed the restrictive measures. This had a negative impact on the rating of Prime Minister Suga, it has steadily declined. At the end of September, the politician decided to resign.