Japan is developing devices to read the thoughts of animals

Japanese experts are working on developing electronic devices that will enable them to understand pets by verbalizing their thoughts.

It is noted that a recently published so-called White Paper on Science by the Japanese government describes a forecast for 20 years ahead. It says that in the future people will be able to fully understand their pets. The ministry explained that scientists will create a neurocomputer interface (NCP) for this purpose.

“We are talking about the creation of a device that connects the brain and the machine of functional magnetic resonance imaging, artificial intelligence, devices for thought transmission, assistance to people suffering from deaf-mute,” the ministry specified.

Ministry representatives explained that several devices for deaf and mute people are used to create the machine.

With the development of Japanese scientists it will be possible not only to talk to animals, but also to transmit thoughts from a distance.

The scientists Toshitaka Suzuki and Yukiyasu Kamitani from Kyoto University, Ryohei Hasegawa from the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) and the International Institute for Advanced Telecommunication Research (IIST) are doing research in this field.

They are mainly aimed at providing medical care to paralyzed patients and those who are unable to speak.

In March, it was reported that Japanese researchers were developing an affordable way to detect cancer by using nematode worms.