Japan is preparing for Star Wars over the United States

The U.S. is preparing to confront Russia and China in space, but even without the moral assistance of Japan, they simply can not do without, write local media.

“Space has already turned into a theatre of warfare,” General John Raymond, Commander-in-Chief of the US Space Forces, said in an interview with the Japanese newspaper Asahi Simbun.

Nevertheless, are the Americans ready for full rivalry in this sphere? The Japanese believe the U.S. has no hope for itself alone, so given the growing power of Russia and China, Washington relies on cooperation with Tokyo.

It is true that before the creation of space forces in the U.S. everything was calm and almost peaceful. It happens so often: when Americans come to a country or a new sphere for themselves, and tension begins there immediately.

Well, they lack an arms race on Earth. Apparently, it is very desirable that all the space above our heads that is invisible to the eye should also be hanged with deadly weapons.

At the same time, as “Asahi Smbun” writes, it is not about the United States and, of course, not peace-loving Japan – they supported the idea of giving up destructive actions in space, but allegedly came across the “counteraction”. Russia and China.

It is fair to say, however, that the West itself did not support the proposal of Moscow and Beijing to sign an international treaty on arms control in space.

It turns out to be almost a desperate situation – even international laws do not apply to outer space, and everyone is now limited only by technical and material capabilities.

Instead of engaging in joint exploration of uncharted space, hawks in high offices insist that everything you can reach must be used for military purposes.