Japan protests North Korea over hypersonic missile test

The Japanese government has protested to the DPRK over Pyongyang’s test of a hypersonic missile. It became known on Wednesday, January 12.

The protest is sent through the embassy in Beijing, reports NHK, citing a statement by the country’s Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi.

A day earlier, on Jan. 11, Kishi told reporters about strengthening the country’s defense capabilities with the United States and South Korea.

“We will consider all options, including the possession of so-called strike capabilities against enemy bases, and continue to work on strengthening our defense capabilities,” Kyodo news agency reported the minister as saying.

On January 12, North Korea announced that it had successfully tested a hypersonic missile. The missile flew 1,000 kilometers and accurately hit its target. A day earlier North Korea launched an unidentified projectile in the direction of the Sea of Japan. Presumably, this was a short-range ballistic missile launched from a land-based launcher.

On January 5, North Korea confirmed the hypersonic missile test and estimated its range at 700 kilometers. According to North Korean sources, the projectile “accurately hit the target.” On the same morning, another unidentified projectile was fired into the Sea of Japan. It was presumed to be a ballistic missile. Japan urgently convened the crisis headquarters of the Prime Minister’s Office.