Japanese Princess Mako will give up her fortune to marry a commoner

Akihito’s eldest granddaughter, Japanese Princess Mako will give up her wealth and royal ceremonies to marry a commoner named Kei Komuro, and she plans to move to the United States after the wedding, AFP reported on Thursday, September 2.

The princess has been trying to marry her former classmate for more than four years, but each time the arrangements have been postponed due to circumstances.

To speed up the marriage, the princess will give up the money allowed Japanese princesses when they marry a commoner. The exact amount is unknown, but it could be as much as 137 million yen or more.

Such a decision may be due to the fact that the groom’s mother is rumored to have a debt of several million yen towards her son.

Mako also intends to abandon traditional royal ceremonies and go to live in the United States after the wedding.

She met Komuro in 2012 while studying at the International Christian University in Tokyo. The princess’ fiancé enjoys skiing, playing the violin and cooking. After the wedding, 29-year-old Mako will lose her title of princess.

In 2018, it was reported that Princess Mako and Kei Komuro’s wedding was postponed until 2020 because of a planned ceremony to pass the throne from Akihito to his eldest son Naruhito.