Japanese scientists found a depression-inducing virus

Scientists at Dzikei Medical University of Japan have discovered a virus that can cause depression. Professor Kazuhiro Kondo told us about it.

Specialists have investigated the sixth herpes virus, which is carried by all humans. It is usually found in blood, but can also manifest in saliva during stress.

In this scenario, the virus began to infect the olfactory bulb in the nasal cavity, and then his gene produced protein SITH-1. In turn, the protein directed calcium bulbs into the cells, which eventually killed them.

“The olfactory bulb plays an important role in the brain, it’s also linked to emotions. So when the cells of the olfactory bulb die, it also affects emotions. “For example, stress builds up. <...> It causes depression,” said Kondo.

During the study, the scientists found that if a person has the protein SITH-1, the risk of depression increased by a factor of 12. In addition, this protein was found in 80% of people with confirmed depression.