Japanese scientists have learned to move objects with sound waves

Researchers from Japan have presented a unique technology allowing to manipulate objects in space with the help of sound waves. Technology, which can be compared with telekinesis, developed by experts of Tokyo Metropolitan University.

The authors of the technology have demonstrated a hemispherical array of ultrasonic radiators capable of forming 3D fields of acoustic waves. During the operation of the installation, acoustic fields are created that can hold small objects in the air. We are talking about something like an acoustic trap, capable of manipulating different objects.

Similar technologies, it should be noted, existed before, but Japanese scientists have used new approaches to improve the acoustic trap’s functionality. A new method of controlling an array of emitters allows the trap to be used without the need for complex addressing of individual elements. Plus, the scientists proposed an original inverse filter that picks up phase and amplitude for manipulation.

Now the installation can only manipulate a small light ball, but scientists are constantly improving the technology. In the future, as the specialists are sure, the installation will have many practical applications in areas such as science, medicine, and industry.